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SBL Series

Designed lifetime up to 12 years in buffer operation. SBL series feature stable parameters and good quality, and are mainly applied in big installations.


guaranteed power supply systems,
central batteries,
DC power stations for telecommunication,
USP systems.

SBL-HR Series

HR stands for „high rate“ – or high discharge current over a short time – and SBL stands for „long life“. This series combines outstandingly high energy density with the longevity of the SBL series. Thus, the SBL-HR series is perfect for continuous high power applications, especially UPS installations. As well as excellent discharge performance, the series also boasts a design life of 10 to 12-15 years according to EUROBAT. As compact 12 V batteries, they are particularly suitable for installation in battery cabinets or in compact racks.


UPS installations
DC power supplies for short-term applications
Emergency lighting systems
Medical applications

SBL-FT (Front Terminal) Series

Designed lifetime up to 12 years in buffer and cyclic operations. SBLFT series fit well in 19” and 23” cabinets. Front side terminals for easy connections.


medical equipment
military equipment and radiocommunication
alarm systems
guaranteed power supply systems
emergency lighting

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