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GNB Sprinter AGM batteries

GNB Sprinter AGM batteries

Energy storage solutions for critical systems that require uninterrupted power supply. GNB® Industrial Power offers powerful batteries for your individual needs. The below table is only indicative and depends on customers’ specific applications. For more information please ask a GNB sales representative.

The extremely powerful, compact AGM batteries of the Sprinter P and Sprinter XP series are an ideal energy source for uninterrupted power supply and are particularly good in UPS applications and other security systems. GNB’s experience and innovation with VRLA technology makes Sprinter batteries the preferred choice for high rate emergency battery backup.

Sprinter XP batteries are recognized for their incredibly high power density and impressive reliability for very short up to long back-up times. The Sprinter XP-FT comes with practical front terminal access which greatly facilitates installation and maintenance. The proven Sprinter XP technology confirms GNB’s extensive experience and worldwide leadership in VRLA technology.

Lai iegūtu papildinformāciju, sazinieties ar savu GNB Industrial Power (EXIDE & SONNENSCHEIN) tirdzniecības pārstāvi.

SIA ,,HUB ENERGY,, — oficialais izplatītājs Latvijā ,,GNB Industrial Power EXIDE & SONNENSCHEIN,,
SIA ,,HUB ENERGY,, — дистрибьютор батарей ,,GNB Industrial Power EXIDE & SONNENSCHEIN,, в Латвии
SIA ,,HUB ENERGY,, — official distributor of batteries ,,GNB Industrial Power EXIDE & SONNENSCHEIN,, in Latvia

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