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SOLAR INVERTER MPPT sinusPRO-3000S / 48V-3000VA-2100W, 60A, 230V-50Hz


SOLAR INVERTER MPPT sinusPRO-3000S / 48V-3000VA-2100W, 60A, 230V-50Hz


standarta cena 500,00 EUR akcija 450,00 EUR

Sinus Pro 3000S 48V Pure Sine Inverter UPS ar MPPT kontrolieri
Šī ierīce ietver AC / DC sinusoidu invertora, invertora lādētāja, UPS un AVR funkcijas.
– Pure Sine Wave saules pārveidotājs 48V 3000VA
– 20A Inteligent lādētājs
– Automātiskais sprieguma regulators AVR 140-275 VAC
– Saules regulators MPPT 60A 45VDC-90VDC
– Sienas stiprinājums

UPS inverter-converter pure sine Sinus Pro 3000S for 48V with MPPT controller
This device includes function of AC/DC pure sine wave inverter, inverter charger, UPS and AVR.
– Pure Sine Wave Off Grid Solar Inverter 48V 3000VA
– 20A Inteligent Battery Charger
– Automatic Voltage Regulator AVR 140-275 VAC
– MPPT Solar Regulator 60A 45VDC-90VDC
– Wall Mount

Hybrid inverter 3000S is suitable for off-grid solar systems. In off-grid solar systems, batteries can be refilled with an electric generator, as the device’s built-in battery charger.
It is also used as a UPS, a backup source of power for electrical appliances: for powering fans, pumps, central heating, computers, internet devices, home appliance etc. It has wide range of applications. You can use it for supply your home devices, camper van, motorboat etc.

* The inverter is suitable for 220V appliances (computers, TVs, pumps … and all other demanding electrical appliances)
* Converts DC voltage to AC (220V – 230V)
* AVR-automatic adjustment of the output voltage – always stable voltage output.
* Full range of automatic protection and warnings against overload, short circuit, overcharge, overheating and battery low voltage.
* MPPT-advanced technology and efficient use of solar energy.
* Automatically switching the cooling fan
* Readable display and control panel.
* Excellent design / TOP quality
* 1 year manufacturer’s warranty

PV Input Voltage range: 48 Vdc – 90 Vdc
PC-AC transfer time: 4 Ms typical / 6Ms max
Input voltage range: 160 Vac – 260 Vac
Input PF (AC/DC): 98 %
Dimensions: 450 x 250 x 550mm
Dipslay :panel indicator light: LED Graphic Screen
Output power factor: ≥ 0,8
Ambient temperature: 0°C ~ 40°C
Ambient humidity: 10% ~ 90%
Noise: ≥ 50 dB
Inverter output frequency: 50 Hz /60 Hz ±0,3 Hz
Power Capacity: 2100 W
Inverter output voltage: 230 V ± 3%
Output voltage range: 206 Vac – 242 Vac
Efficiency: Mains mode: ≥96 %
Short circuit: auto system shut down
PV max charge current: 60 A
Battery voltage: 48 Vdc
Charge current: 10A / 15A / 20A
Inverter overload: 110%-130% shutdown at 30s, 130% -150% shutdown at 3s
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