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Rayovac 315/SR716SW/314 Silver Oxide Mini battery

1.26 ar PVN

Rayovac 315/SR716SW/314 Silver Oxide Mini battery

Minimālā pasūtījuma summa 30,00 EUR
Минимальная сумма заказа 30,00 EUR
MOQ amount 30,00 EUR

Technical parameters:

Types: Watch-315/SR716SW
Dimensions: Height: 1.68 mm, Diameter: 7.9 mm
Voltage: 1.55 V
Manufacturer: Rayovac
Quantity: 1 piece in Blister pack
Other markings: SR716SW SR716W SR67 V315 V530 D315 280-56 SB-AT, 314

Batteries manufactured in Switzerland.

The Rayovac watch batteries are silver-oxide batteries. They are used in a wide range of watches-from digital, demanding large-size cells, to the most elegant women’s watches powered by very small batteries.



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