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12 GEL-105 Q-Batteries_GEL Technologies battery 12V / C5-105Ah; C20-125Ah (345*170*285) A-Terminal

360.00 ar PVN

12 GEL-105 Q-Batteries_GEL Technologies battery 12V / C5-105Ah; C20-125Ah (345*170*285) A-Terminal, 39.00 kg


The Q-Batteries GEL series is especially suitable for extreme industrial applications. Even in particularly demanding applications such as in cleaning machines, these batteries perform due to high numbers of cycles and long life.
Sealed GEL batteries are maintenance free regarding water refilling. The increased use of precious raw material lead is an essential quality of this series.

■ floor cleaning
■ driverless transport systems
■ pallet trucks
■ HME / mobility
■ scooter
■ marine / RV
■ solar systems and more
■ maintenance free (no watering)
■ Valve Regulated Lead Acid (VRLA)
■ fixing of the electrolyte as gel
■ low self discharge, < 3% per year
■ high reliability
■ excellent energy and storage properties
■ exhaustive discharge protection
■ 700 cycles (75% DOD)

SIA ,,HUB ENERGY,, – oficiālais bateriju izplatītājs ,,Q-Batteries,, Latvijā, Lietuvā un Igaunijā.
SIA ,,HUB ENERGY,, – официальный дистрибьютор батарей ,, Q-Batteries,, в Латвии, Литве и Эстонии.
SIA ,,HUB ENERGY,, – official distributor of batteries ,, Q-Batteries,, in Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia.

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