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VOLT POLSKA 10A MAX 12V-10A/24V-5A Universal charger lādēšanas ierīce


VOLT POLSKA 10A MAX 12V-10A/24V-5A Universal charger lādēšanas ierīce

Automatic charger (rectifier) ​​2A / 5A / 10A for 12V and 2A / 5A for 24V lead-acid batteries. Also included are maintenance-free VRLA batteries (AGM and GEL), liquid acid electrolyte batteries, and MF (maintenance-free) batteries.

The manufacturer is not liable for damage caused by improper use of the automatic charger. The household charger is not intended for commercial use.

Device Features:
– Allows you to charge batteries to almost full original capacity
– Fully automatic charging, diagnostics, voltage maintenance and maintenance modes
– Appropriate precautions against overcharging batteries
– electronic protection against user errors
– spark protection, protection against overheating and short circuit
– has an operating mode of an energy generator (13.6 V / 4 A) – POWER MODE 13.6 V
– 12 V batteries: this mode is suitable for 14 – 230 Ah batteries. The rectifier provides a constant voltage of 13.6 V. This mode is useful in installations where the highest level of battery charge, such as electric wheelchairs, is required.
– can charge deeply discharged batteries (5 V)

Device parameters and technical data:
Input voltage 200 – 260 V, 50 Hz
Output voltage 12 V / 24 V (circuit breaker)
Charging voltage 14.4 V / 14.7 V / 28.8 V / 29.4 V
Charge level indication
Charging current 10A 12V and 5A 24V Power 240 W
Ambient temperature from -10 ° С to + 40 ° С
IP65 degree of protection

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