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DECA Fast 20K Booster 12V 2000A 55Wh Lithium Jump Starter, Starta-uzlādēšana ierīce

230.00 ar PVN

DECA Fast 20K Booster 12V 2000A 55Wh Lithium Jump Starter, Starta-uzlādēšana ierīce

Akumulatoru booster

Instrukcija – Instruction Manual 20K

FAST 20K-35K (FR-ES) FAST 20K-35K (IT-GB)

Jump starter and Power Bank with lithium battery (technology LiPO = Lithium – Ion – Polymer).

  • Quick start of motorcycles, cars and vans with 12V battery.
  • SMART BOOSTER TECHNOLOGY It protects against reverse polarity and short circuit and it prevents jump start operation if the FAST battery is discharged (voltage below 11V), preserving the device itself.
  • Powering smartphones, tablets and other commonly used portable devices.
  • High J-BME3s: it is the energy supplied by the jump starter within three seconds of cranking to keep the engine run.
  • Reduced weight and size, the lithium battery stores four times the energy of a lead battery with the same weight.
  • Quick charge
  • High brightness LED lamp, with selectable fixed lighting, flashing alarm and SOS signal.

Input voltage: 1 Ph – 100/240V 50/60 Hz
Boosting voltage (Volt): 12V
Boosting current max (Amp): 2000A
Boosting current (1V/C) (Amp): 600A
Battery capacity: 20000mAh
Battery types:Automotive: Pb (WET – AGM – GEL) – Lithium (LiFePO4)
J-BME3s (Joule-Battery Maximum Energy): 12000J
For engines up to – Ta=25°C – (Petrol): 6000 cc
For engines up to – Ta=25°C – (Diesel): 4000 cc
USB 1 output: 5V – 2,1A
USB 2 output: 5V – 1,0A
DC output: _
Input (Jack): _
Input (Micro-USB): _
Input (USB type C): 5V – 1A
Charging time: 7h
Weight Kg ≅: 0.65
Dimension, Wid.-Dep.-Height (mm): 225 x 91 x 34
Barcode: 8011399033670
Package dimension, Wid.-Dep.-Height (mm): 255 x 125 x 105
Package weight kg: 1.3
Master box dimensioni, Wid.-Dep.-Height (mm): 445 x 270 x 280
Master box weight kg: 11
Pieces for Master box: 8
Pieces for pallet: 288

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